Project Lusio is a project launched by HealthyGaming.
With this initiative, we want to support gamers in acheiving excellent health & well-being.

Focused on social impact and positive influence through gaming, HealthyGaming is going all out to become the greatest game-changer and difference maker in the industry of esports. We aim to enable others to get the most out of gaming and fully utilize its advantages.

We envision a world where gaming is used for good and to bring joy, regardless of the level you play on. 

By supporting gamers, streamers and organizations in our mission, we believe that we have the potential to build positive momentum and contribute to a better world for gamers, empowered by the gamers who are a part of it. 

Our Commitments

Core Values

In order to accomplish our goals and successfully achieve great results, we believe it’s of highest importance to practice what we preach.
This starts with strong core values.

Commitment & Passion

We dedicate ourselves to be passionate in the fullest sense of its meaning: A deep, fervent emotion, a state of intense yearning; an enthusiastic ardor to serve the well-being of others through our work. What makes us unique, what makes us different, and what makes us stand out is our commitment to our mission and the work we do.

Integrity & Accountability

We are honest and truthful about ourselves, we own and learn from our mistakes, and we claim responsibility for our words and actions. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable to meet the highest levels of integrity and standards of ethical behavior at all times.

Respect & Kindness

We treat each individual, partner, and organization with respect. We go the extra mile to serve those in need of help and we treat those around us with the kindness each and everyone deserves.

Open-minded & Value-focused

We are open to new ideas and think outside the box to drive results. We focus on creating value for those we work for, and we articulate fundamental values to identify new decision opportunities and create better alternatives for those we serve.

Women in Gaming

0 M+
Women who face Gaming Disorder today
0 %~
Experience Gender-based Discrimination
0 %~
Choose to hide their gender ingame following these problems

We acknowledge the challenges and problems a lot of women in gaming face today, and we are committed to supporting the women in gaming who face these problems. Both through our own products & services offered, as well as through strategic partnerships with other companies sharing our values & commitment.

HealthyGaming x Women Empowered Global

HealthyGaming has partnered with Women Empowered Global on their powerful global mission to empower women in Gaming, Business, Corporate, STEM, Innovation, AI and other sectors across the world.

With a network reach in over 40 countries across 6 continents, we are excited to collaborate, empower and support the advancement of women in gaming & have them support and accelerate our Ambassadors on their growth journeys.

"Having first-hand seen gender-based discrimination & sexism in gaming, it is crucial to me to build an organization where male allyship is promoted to ensure that all men, regardless of role with HealthyGaming can use their influence & resources in a positive manner to support the women and members of marginalized communities within the gaming community today to bridge existing inequalities for a greater world in gaming."
Christoffer Johansson
Co-Founder & CEO, HealthyGaming

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