More than 300 million gamers face some kind of health issue related either directly, or indirectly to their video gaming habits.

Join us in our mission to support gamers in achieving excellent health & well-being now!

Your community needs you

This Program have been established to support and create both short & long-term benefits for content creators and streamers looking to have a positive influence on other gamers and the well-being of members of their communities. 

With more than 97 million gamers suffering from Gaming Disorder by the end of 2021, and more than 300 million gamers facing some kind of mental, physical, or social health issue relating either directly, or indirectly to their video gaming habits, it’s crucial to enable influencers & content creators to drive positive impact and equip them to lead by good example. 

We would love to see you & your community community thrive.

Benefits - Why you should join us

Public Relations & Brand Growth

Working with us demonstrates your social responsibility. This accelerates your brand growth both short & long-term by enabling new sponsorship opportunities through ethical & socially responsible brands as your brand attractiveness increases.  

Positive Community Impact

Joining us enables you to create positive impact by getting members of your community access to our products at a discount. Having your community’s best in mind creates an additional level of loyalty & commitment and gives you a competitive edge.

Generous Commission

We provide 25% commission on each sale of our products which you can reinvest in yourself & your community as you please. By providing generous commission, we aim to support your growth through impact and enable new financial opportunities for you.

Access to a Diverse Support Team

We commit to support you in your journey meeting your goals as a content creator or streamer. Whether it’s becoming a full-time content creator or positively influence one million gamers, we aim to ensure you successfully accomplish your individually set goals.

Your branding is ultimately what differentiates you from the rest. By building a brand where you display social responsibility and show that you care for your community, more people are likely to join your community and become a part of it as your connection with your community members strengthens. The community & your following is ultimately what fuels your growth and creates new opportunities for you, including monetization opportunities as many brands out there either does, or wants to use streamers and content creators to increase brand awareness and leverage influencer marketing. Your position as a socially responsible streamer gives you a competitive edge and your brand, including your current brand affiliations will either make or break your case with potential sponsors, viewers, subscribers and followers when people choose who to support, and organizations choose who to work, or not to work with. 

When it comes to paid opportunities from sponsorships, your branding will either be the reason why you receive an offer, or why you don’t receive an offer. Companies, brands & organizations wants to associate themselves with streamers and content creators who is a good fit to them and their target audience. This means that you are judged both by your brand as well as your existing sponsorships and affiliations. As an example; if you are a front figure for, or actively promote an unethical brand who might pay you $1000/month to promote their product and brand, a serious sponsor who is looking to make a deal worth significantly much more to promote their brand in gaming won’t offer you a deal as they don’t want their brand associated with unethical brands & businesses.  

We acknowledge there are a lot of streamers & content creators out there incredibly driven to build great communities & impactful personal brands.

If you belong to this group, yet haven't had your first hit or sponsorship;
Don't worry - We are keen to support upcoming changemakers.

Apply now and allow us to support & help facilitate your growth.

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