Join us on a journey to improve the well-being of gamers around the world!

What is it?

The Project Lusio Ambassador Program is a Program established to support content creators and streamers looking to create a positive impact and bring our products to serve the well-being of gamers.

if you are passionate about positively influencing others around you, we want to reward you generously and ensure you the financial security to continue doing that.

Why you should join us

Generous Commission

Affiliates earn 10% commission on the sales of our products and services, and our Ambassadors earn 25% commission on the sales of our products and services.

Positive Impact

Joining us enables you to create positive impact by getting members of your community access to our products and services at a discounted price through your own promo code.

Excellent Public Relations

Working with us demonstrates your social responsibility as a streamer and content creator, which contributes to accelerating your brand growth as it becomes more attractive to work with for sponsors, especially sponsors focused on social & positive impact.

Access to a diverse support team

We commit to help you on your journey meeting your goals as a content creator or streamer. Whether it’s being able to stream full-time or positively influence one million gamers, we aim to ensure that you can successfully accomplish your individually set goals.

Regardless if you run a podcast or livestream games, if your values align with our mission to improve the well-being of gamers and helping others utilize the advantages of video games – You are welcome to join us and apply now!

For our Ambassador applicants, we review the following criteria: 

  • - Your influence & attitude towards other people and members of your community. 
  • - Your brand image & how other gamers perceive you and your content. 
  • - Your values and how they align with our core values. 
  • - Your current sponsorships and affiliations.