Become Psychologically Flexible


This is a Program tailor-made to support gamers in achieving excellent health & well-being through psychological flexibility.
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Value Proposition - This is what you get!

Direct Path

A clear path towards achieving improved meaning & well-being.

Emotional Control

Improved ability to successfully control your emotions.

Overcome Challenges

The ability to identify, tackle and overcome your emotional challenges in life.

Achieve your goals

Improved capacity to stake out, work towards and accomplish your goals.

Psychological Flexibility

The expertise to protect yourself from fluctuating demands and adapt.

Knowledge in Gaming

Gain increased knowledge that enables you to thrive & get the most out of gaming.

Money-Back Guarantee

While we believe in the positive impact this Program creates, we also understand that it might not help each and every individual. We offer a full refund for those who have fully completed the Program, yet who does not show any signs of positive impact or improved well-being. 
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Become Psychologically Flexible is an evidence-based Program containing a total of 11 modules available in both video & audio format. These modules are based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and designed to support gamers in achieving excellent health & well-being through psychological flexibility. 

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And this is why it works...

Organizations such as the following have stated that ACT is empirically supported in specific areas, or as a whole according to their own
standards and practices...

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

World Health Organization

Australian Psychological Society

Society of Clinical Psychology
APA Division 12

Apart from this, there are currently over 325 meta-analyses, systematic reviews and narrative reviews of ACT being evidence-based, either overall or in specific areas of psychology.

Completing this Program facilitates lifetime value having the knowledge & toolbox to efficiently manage and overcome mentally complex situations and challenges in life.